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Having worked in the IT Industry for close to 20 years I am always keen to learn about new developments in technology and its use cases. Whereas 20 years ago IT was the preserve of a few large corporations using large and expensive mainframes, IT now in the 2thousands is in the pocket or even on the wrist of every citizen including infants and the elderly. This trend of consumerisaton of IT is really a big development and impacts soceity in many ways. Just think about that a few large IT companies know almost everythingsocial about you, your preferences and who is in your circle of relatives. The recent news that Google tapes (or maybe even all) some of our discussions shows this nicely LINK


In the last couple of yeas big data was a big buzzword, the technology that was created by internet powerhouses like Google and Yahoo to manage the vast array of unstructured data was opensourced and an entire industry was created around the storage, retrieval, search and analytics of large amounts of unstructured data. The reason why it became so hot is that traditional relational database cannot cope or cannot cope well with this huge amounts of data stemming from social media Internet of Things and Mobile usage.                                                                                       Technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Elastic are the building stones of Big Data.


However another product category is now sort of stealing the limelight from Big Data and that is AI Artificial Intelligence. While AI has been researched from the early 60′s only now computing power is so in abundance and so cheap that AI can make it from the Labs into the life of every human being.  Facebook is creating AI bots LINK for patrolling the network for inappropriate content translating posts on demand and doing all the automation tass so their 13000 employees can focus on creating the next big thing. Another FB bot reads all posts at a rate of several thousand  per second to display the most fitting advertising. LINK

While AI is for sure the most enticing trend there are many more, expect some technqiues lingering around for years this year to get its breaktrough including Virtual and Augmented Reality, IoT, micro services.


Read the the interesting report created by Dion Hinchcliffe over at ZDNET



Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.21.37

picture credit ZDNET Dion Hincliffe 

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