IoT considerations


While the internet of things is top of the agenda for most industries, there are some practical lessons that can be learned right now from the first wave of consumer IOT devices coming to maturity.



This article by the WIRED draws some pretty interesting conclusions and suggestions from the recent changes at Google concerning their connected home aka Nest range of  Products.

The main point they raise is that IOT devices should function without the internet and a central cloud instance as if the provider decides the cloud instance must change this could mean that the expensive end devices are rendered useless.


The reason the journalists at the WIRED see for making a cloud connection mandatory to use the products is that the cloud service is the main justification for monthly subscriptions which over time make a far larger and far more profitable turnover for the vendor then the actual hardware IOT devices.

It should be interesting to see what kind of useful Value Added Services can augment IOT devices to enhance recurring revenues.


IF YOU WERE one of the people who shelled out $300 for Revolv’s smart home hub, you’ve probably already heard the bad news: the web service that powers the little gadget is shutting down next month, which will render the thing effectively useless.




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