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This site is created and maintained by Oliver Gebert an industry expert with a keen eye on developments in the industry.

All information provided on this website and in the report is gathered from publicly available sources on the web.

Our value add is the industry sector market watch provided in the monthly updated Telecom-Stocks.com Report.




Telecom-Stocks.com keeps an eye for you on the global telecom market and related topics e.g. Internet of Things ( IoT ) and Unified Communications as a Service ( UCAAS ). Telecom-Stocks.com informs you about gainful opportunities to invest both for short-term gains and long-term investments.

Stocks are grouped according to the 3 broad strategies.
– Turnaround candidates (substantial short-term upside potential feasible)
– Dividend pearls (stocks that provide attractive dividends of +5%
– Long-term risers (stock at a low level with potential to soar in coming years)


Case Studies

If you would like to see evidence on what kind of gains are possible with Telecom and IoT Stocks, head over to our Case Studies section, where select stocks that made big gains recently are analyzed in greater depth.


You may also be interested to see some of the many arguments for investing in telecom and IoT stocks.

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